Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello, everyone! Here are a couple of images I have created using self-portraits and old photos of myself -- in an ongoing attempt to find out who I am!

The first is a photo I took on my built-in webcam, then modified using Photoshop.

Next is a textured-appearing image using two photos -- one taken on my webcam, and the other of me when I was about 17 years old and singing in a musical in high school.

Don't forget that you can take what you already have, combine it in unusual ways with new techniques or software (i.e., Photoshop), and make something totally unique!

This week I have a number of projects:
1. A wedding album for a friend -- doing this with iPhoto, Photoshop, and iPhoto Books -- I am arranging the photos, adding captions, choosing backgrounds and a theme, then ordering it for her via Apple/iPhoto books.

2. Making jewelry -- I am still working with copper, this time folding and texturizing as well as etching, and I have a new silver watchband that I made by hammering some sterling wire -- VERY therapeutic!!!

3. Painting some watercolor backgrounds for scans for future art pieces.

Have an artful week, friends!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Journal Cover!

Dear ones,

Here is the cover of the newest NCMEA journal -- including my own art! This is an original watercolor background, layered with music notes and various drawings of trumpets, then with color and effects added. Don't be afraid to combine all of your visual art media to make one unique combination!

Thank you, NCMEA, for using my cover!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memories for the weekend - for Art!

Memories - Yours AND Others!

Here is a piece I created using "instant ancestors" -- i.e., vintage photos I purchased or was given. I added a nice gradient and cleaned up some items I didn't want included, as well as added text. I believe in combining all media for optimum effect!

"Gloria Jean and Mama" -- named for a girl whose childhood photo I discovered years ago. I loved the name and used it here. Obviously, she is standing beside "Mama".

Ever give in to that urge to go through that old box of photo albums? You know -- the ones that are probably filled with precious memories NOT saved in acid-free albums? I did that this weekend -- or I have BEGUN the process, at any rate. One of the groups of photos I have pulled is a group of pics of my daughter when she was 6. All it took was scanning, then cleaning up, the photos. Here is one:

And while I am on the topic of collecting, and restoring, old photos -- I should raise again my ideas with you of collecting items that may not be YOUR own family vintage, but which may speak to you in some ways. I will post here one or two scans of items that I intend to use as part of my art.

I hope this item from My Private Museum gives everyone some ideas for your own art. Happy collecting!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend art!

Happy Saturday!

My plans this weekend are to finish up a batch of etched copper jewelry, antique the finish of those pieces, and at least design their construction. I'm also designing a box to hold my original jewelry pieces!

More to share later on in the weekend. Make art, my friends! It will do you good to create some beauty to share.

Lynda, the Island Queen

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer, holidays, and old friends

Hello! This past week I finished a semester in our wonderful year-round school! It is challenging, yes! I choose to "wind down" for a couple of days, then am much more able to make art and otherwise enjoy myself.

Today I have spent some time making a few new website banners, plus I have shared some photos on FaceBook and with friends from a Mustang Car Show held here in Raleigh. These cars are gorgeous! I love the careful polish of the finish, the pristine look of the important logos, and the pride of the owners!

This week's projects, besides getting the NEW semester begun, are to paint some watercolor backgrounds with spray watercolors and some special effects, as well as to etch a batch of copper jewelry. Some fun!

NOTES TO ALL: Surround yourself with positive NOT lose sight of old friends. "Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, the other gold."


Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspirations from the UK -- and more

Leeds Castle -- one of 6 views from inside windows -- my favorite vantagepoint.

Castle Combe, UK -- one house set apart. I felt I was in a book. A fairytale.

A lazy stream in the Cotswolds. Sit down and watch the river run.

This lovely angel stands patiently in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia.


Summer Projects - the sun is HOT

Gaze into the pool...koi in a cool spot on a warm evening.

Welcome, everyone! I have used other means of communication for the past year, and have prodigally (is that a word?) returned to my blog. Here's to my being able to keep up..

Join me at my kitchen table for a cup of coffee or some iced tea...the roses are from a sweet student. Lovely.

The latest project is a series of website banners for a professional association, and I'll post one as an will be a few photos for inspiration, and who knows what I will end with today! Stay tuned.

I will post more this evening. Leave me a comment -- and look everywhere for inspiration!!! Lynda